Quilting Tips and Patterns

It is true that starting a quilting project is not an easy task, since there are a number of decisions thatScrappyBlueStackedBricksBabyQuilt have to be made, and the most essential factor to consider, is the design you have chosen to use. When it comes to traditional quilting, the block design outline is usually followed. In addition to this, you will have to stitch about a quarter of an inch from each seam line that is in your piece or appliqued patch. Here, you will learn some effective tips and patterns on quilting. See tips below:

  • Another quilting process is stitching in the ditch. This method involves stitching into the seam directly. The design shape comes out and the stitches become almost invisible when the fabric on the sides of the seam puffs up around it.

  • In terms of design quilting, your quilt block will be embellished with a particular design. All you need to do is trace your design on your patch.

  • When the stitching lines follow the block’s outline, it is called ‘echo quilting’. Here, the stitching lines are repeated every quarter inch. Beginners don’t usually practice this, as very heavy quilting is involved.

  • When it comes to overall design quilting, the blocks pattern is ignored, and an overall design is used. Clamshells, grids of squares and diamonds are three designs that are commonly used in overall design quilting.

  • When you choose your fabric, design and pattern, you can start to piece your quilt top. You start by creating a template, then cutting the pieces followed by sewing together the blocks.

  • On completing the blocks, they must be connected to make the quilt top.

  • When you finished your quilt top, you should start layering it together with backing fabric on the back and batting in the middle.

The quilting tips and patterns mentioned above, will serve as your guide to come up with beautiful quilting designs you can be proud of!






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